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Over recent years people have become more aware of the environment and their carbon footprint and are looking to find ways to reduce it and do things in a “Greener healthier way”.

Along with this we have the recent increase in energy costs, we are all looking to find a more economical sustainable way to live and work. At L&M Renewables we are welcoming you to a

Greener, smarter, energy efficient environment


As well as reducing carbon levels and being highly efficient and cost effective there have been many scientific studies into the health benefits of infrared heat.

According to NASA research, exposure to far infrared heat on the cardiovascular system has a positive effect on heart health. Scientists and physicians believe that the concentrated effect of using infrared heat can positively influence and improve the functioning of the circulatory system in patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, and smokers, exposure to infrared heat promotes the expansion of capillaries, this naturally improves blood circulation. At the same time, under the influence of infrared heat on the body, the blood supply to the muscles also improves which provides faster wound healing and reduced muscle pain.


A solar assisted heat pump heats water by absorbing heat from sunlight and from the air. The hot water is then stored in a hot water cylinder, ready for when you need it. Solar assisted heat pumps also work without direct sunlight as it will also work at night.

On a cold sunless windy day/ Night your solar assisted heat pump is still producing hot water.  Solar assisted heat pump is another way to reduce your carbon footprint and will help you on your way to a “greener lifestyle” as well as reducing your energy bill.


Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that can be used in your home or place of work, sunlight is free and clean, and using it you can generate your own renewable electricity and reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

However, there are other benefits of using Solar to create your own electricity, for example.

Water is one of our most precious natural resources. We live on the driest continent on the planet, and we run the risk of running out of fresh water in the future. Traditional electricity production can use thousands of litres of water each year. Water is used for cooling generators, processing and refining fuel and transporting fuel through pipes. Generating power through solar panels, however, uses no water whatsoever. The operation of solar photovoltaic cells doesn’t require water at all to generate electricity, reducing the strain on this precious resource.

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