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Renewable Energy Systems

Our aim is to help householders and business reduce their carbon footprint, to help make our homes and buildings greener, healthier and more cost effective to run.

Renewable energy systems are designed to work in an environmentally friendly way and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They can be used in domestic and commercial settings, as well as in industries.

There are many benefits to using renewable energy systems. They are a sustainable option that does not deplete natural resources, and they generate electricity with no harmful emissions.

Renewable energy systems are also becoming increasingly cost-effective as technology improves. As the world looks for ways to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, renewable energy systems are an attractive option.

The burning of fossil fuels to heat our homes and our water accounts for 13% of the UKs total carbon emissions, the only way to meet net zero by 2050 we must find a better way  

Our focus and energy is on supplying the most technically advanced, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products currently available.

We are here to help our clients who wish to join us and reduce their carbon footprint which in turn will have the added benefit of lower energy bills
We offer top-of-the line equipment at affordable prices so your home or business can be as green as possible.

Our Products

We are the people to provide you with the most reliable cost effective and eco friendly solutions you are looking for.

Heating System

Infrared Heating is for the 21st century and beyond, a clean modern low energy heating system that comes in a variety of styles and colours.
Designed to look good in any environment, and with built in efficiency that reduces heating bills by up to 60%.

Our Infrared heating is Thermostatically controlled or through a company called Ambion Heating we have Computer Controlled heating.

Hot water System

You could say our system produces hot water from fresh air !
A solution that provides hot water using renewable energy, dramatically reduces Co2 levels, and works day and night 12 months of the year regardless of weather.
Will give a saving of up to 75% on hot water bills.

Solar PV

The solar technology has been drastically improved the last few years, and has been complemented by solar battery storage systems, turning solar into a significantly more efficient source of clean energy.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your energy needs.

We consult with both domestic and commercial clients!


Our domestic clients are in the main people who are replacing old faulty gas boilers and expensive central heating systems and taking the opportunity to install eco friendly products that are clean, energy efficient and importantly require virtually no ongoing maintenance.

Business Market

The commercial clients we work with include but are not limited to Restaurants, Hotels and Care Homes.
Hotels who typically use lots of hot water love the savings of up to 75% on their hot water bills provided by our renewable energy hot water solution, and the added bonus of being practically maintenance free having only one moving part.

Restaurants can remove large older style radiators and free up space to install additional tables providing additional revenue , and Care Homes can replace very hot low level radiators with Infrared heating panels that can be ceiling mounted.

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