Infrared heat warms objects directly, including you, rather than simply warming the air around you in the way that a conventional heater does.

Infrared Heating Systems from LM Renewables are the perfect choice for those looking to switch to a more efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective renewable energy system.

Infrared heating is fast becoming a popular option for home and business owners alike due its many benefits – it reduces your carbon footprint, uses significantly less energy than traditional heating systems, and you will see a significant reduction in your energy bills over time.

Infrared heating also avoids all the extra maintenance costs associated with underwater central heating or gas boilers which saves even more money.

At LM Renewables, we believe that Infrared Heating Systems offer so much when it comes to renewable energy solutions – making them an excellent choice for anyone wanting to contribute positively to the environment without breaking the bank!

Infrared Heating Systems offer a more efficient, greener and more cost-effective Renewable Energy Systems solution.

Infrared heating works by heating a body or surrounding home object instead of warming up the surrounding air which you would achieve with traditional convection heating systems such as radiators or fan heaters.

Traditionally, infrared heating systems were to be the province of large industries that have incorporated this heating technology for a number of years and we are probably more used to seeing it in large factories and workshops.

Studies have shown that people are increasingly looking for more efficient and cleaner ways of keeping themselves their families and employees warm during those harsh winter nights.

The popularity of infrared heating panels has jumped in the last 2 years as the public become increasingly aware of the possibilities this heating system offers.

Whilst there are a number of different types of infrared panels available, the ones used in domestic situations are more often than not flat panels to save on space in the home.

You have probably enjoyed the soothing, therapeutic benefits of Infrared heat without even knowing it.
The sun provides nature’s best Infrared heat therapy and it’s the reason that you seem to instantly relax when your skin is touched by its warmth.

Far Infrared heat is healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient than any other source of domestic heating, this efficiency means you are using les energy and making savings of up to 60% over conventional heating methods.

Another benefits of Infrared heating is that it minimises air circulation which reduces the risk of mould and damp formation.

Our Infrared systems can be controlled in two ways, we have traditional thermostatic controlled panels however we also work with a computer controlled system

As well as Aluminium our panels can be ether Ceramic or Glass, for the bathroom we also have towel rails.

However we do not stop there, we also have outdoor patio heaters, heaters that are ideal for use in a conservatory, your garage, in fact we can heat virtually you need heating!

Infrared heating renewable energy systems are a great way to save money on your energy bill. By heating the objects in a room rather than the air, these systems are much more efficient than traditional heating methods. Additionally, infrared heating is a green technology that does not produce any harmful emissions. If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bill, then infrared heating is a great option for you.

Invisible heat rays travel through the air at an angle of 45 degrees heating all objects in the room which is then slowly releasing pleasant warmth in to the air.

Traditional heating uses a vast amounts of energy to heat the air in a room, which then raises to the ceiling.


Globally, over 10,000 academic papers have identified the beneficial effects of infrared on several medical conditions. Health benefits can include improvements to the following conditions

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pain Relief
Joint Complaints
Compression Fractures
Skin Conditions

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