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L&M Renewables offers a wide range of Renewable Energy Systems to help heat your domestic or commercial premises. Contact us today

Our business was started by supplying a renewable energy hot water system to help reduce your carbon footprint, now after a lot of extensive research and meeting with a number of suppliers, manufacturers and installation company’s we have been able to add to our portfolio of products and services that in our opinion enable us to provide you with the best renewable and low energy solutions available, we can also look at ways to make small changes that can be made to your current hot water and heating system to help make them as efficient and cost effective as possible so using less energy and still helping reduce your carbon footprint rather than make major changes and replacing your current system.  

Our aim is to help reduce your carbon footprint in as many ways as possible, plus improve the EPC rating of your building

It costs nothing to have a conversation with us .

We are based in Kent however business often takes us all over the UK

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